TypingMaster Typing Test download

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TypingMaster Typing Test download

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TypingMaster Typing Test

TypingMaster Typing Test download

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How fast can you write? Master Typing Master is a useful educational tool that lets you know how well you know your keyboard. It has several writing tests that allow you to improve your speed and accuracy while typing. There are also fun games that can be used for learning. TypingMaster Typing Test is a reliable text testing tool for both beginners and professionals.

Test Your Typing Speed ​​Before you do anything else, TypingMaster will ask you to test your typing speed to see how well you are typing. There is a time limit for each writing test and users are free to choose how many minutes they want to take as well as the type of writing they want to try. Although the user can choose the duration of the writing test, the ideal time is 1 minute. After a while you can start testing immediately. In addition, the language can be changed, as there are 7 other languages ​​besides English. ((Function () {(‘view-application-page-desktop’);}); The test is quite simple. All you have to do is type in the words that appear on your screen as quickly and accurately as possible When the time has passed, TypingMaster will display your test result and typing speed, which measures how many words per minute you can type while looking at misspelled words. Users should remember that instead of just typing, rushing through the test will not will lead to satisfactory and accurate results because the error affects the result As for typing speed, there are 5 levels that you can play based on your score namely slow, medium, smooth, fast and professional.Once you get your results, you have the option to repeat the test if you can do it even better or you can practice doubling your speed and improving your accuracy Lessons and exercises There are more than 500 exercises TypingMaster writing ven, all of which are divided into several tutorials that focus on training and diverting 1 writing skills at a time. For example, the first 14 lessons will help you become familiar with the keyboard, so you can get used to typing without looking at your fingers. Other successful lessons include developing speed, practicing writing with digital lines, entering symbols and even entering numbers. Under each lesson, there are several activities that last about 10 – 25 minutes. Improve your writing efficiency MasterTypingMaster Typing Test is simple and easy to use. Tests and lessons can be conducted without users having to register or enter information such as username and age. In addition to the writing lessons it offers, it offers other fun ways to improve people’s writing skills. Users can participate in a fun writing game that can complete writing lessons with little action.

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