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Inception 2010 BRRip XviD yify Download Movie Torrent

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Inception 2010

Inception 2010 BRRip XviD yify Download Movie Torrent

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A thief who steals corporate secrets using dream exchange technology has the opposite task – to convey the idea to a director’s opinion:
Christopher Nolan Author:
Christopher Nolan star:
Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page | The Cobb House is a masterful thief, an absolute master at dangerous art, stealing precious secrets from the subconscious in a dream, when his mind is in the most vulnerable. Cobb’s rare skills make him a greedy player in this new and dangerous world of corporate espionage, but he also makes him an international fugitive and carries everything he loves. Cobb is now offered as a hostage. His last work could bring him back to life, but only if he could start the impossible. Instead of perfect rhythm, Cobb and his team of experts have to pull back: their job is not to steal ideas, but to plant them. If they succeed, it can be an ideal crime. But no meticulous planning and experience can prepare the troops for dangerous enemies who seem to be expecting their footsteps. The enemy, who only saw Cobb, approached.

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