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Freegate is censorship software that allows you to access websites blocked by countries such as China, Cuba and Iran. The software uses Dynaweb, which, like the popular Vidalia Tor software, uses a P2P-like network proxy system.

Freegate was first developed for use in China by Dynamic Internet Technologies Inc., one of the first organizations to create anti-censorship (function () {(‘application-page-desktop-review’);}); two uses

Freegate has two secure and encrypted tunnels that are used to cross the Internet blockade in censored countries.

You can choose Freegate in proxy or classic mode. Proxy mode automatically adjusts Internet Explorer proxy settings, allowing you to access any blocked site by simply tapping the address bar. If you use another web browser, you will need to manually change the browsing software.

You can avoid proxy settings by using the classic mode where you can access web pages by launching Dynaweb’s homepage in your browser, though some of the content on the site may not be displayed correctly.

Quick links and lots of information

Freegate does not require installation. After you download and run, you can change the Freegate settings to access some or all of the URLs using the Freegate Proxy. If you choose to access web pages directly through the Freegate proxy server, you will need to change the proxy settings (in most cases it will automatically change for you depending on which browser you use); otherwise Dynaweb will launch automatically in Internet Explorer, allowing you to access blocked sites. Dynaweb’s interface is not very pleasant to look at, but it does.

There are four sections that will provide you with information about your connection, including server, status, tunnel and settings. The Server tab shows you which server you are using,as well as connection speed; the Status tab will show you which tunnel you are using and give you proxy settings as well as the ability to turn off the software; tunnel tuning you can select the tunnel and mode (proxy or classic) you are using; while Settings may change your things, such as clearing your browsing history and other application settings.

If you don’t have the software yet, it may seem confusing to wrap up your terminology, but ease of use and default settings make it easy to get started.

Your access to censored content

If you are in a region that has censorship restrictions, such as China, Freegate is good software that allows you to work around these restrictions and access blocked sites like Facebook and YouTube.

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