Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 64-Bit

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Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 64-Bit

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Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 64-Bit & 32-Bit torrent

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Pre-activated version of Adobe Illustrator. CC 2020

Multiple languages.

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Adobe Illustrator CC software is an industry standard vector drawing environment for design on a variety of media. Express your creative vision with shapes, colors, effects and typography. Adobe Illustrator CC works quickly and stably on large and complex files, transferring efficient design between creative Adobe applications.

CC draftsman:

Active shapes: rectangles and round rectangles

Rectangles now have quickly adjustable angles, including independent radius control. Corner attributes are preserved as you scale and rotate your rectangles. Now Illustrator remembers the width, height, rotation, and angle behavior of your work so you can return to its natural shape.

Example of a pen tool

Check the path you are drawing before placing the next point. An elastic line will appear from your last anchor point to the end of the pen as you draw. Imagine where the next turn is, pay attention to the next point, and spend less time clearing the road.

An increase in anchor points

Better adjustment of the curve is now easier. The new anchor point control allows you to drag the handle in uneven or different directions as you pull to control the smoothness of each segment. You can even change the angle to make it smooth without damaging your shape.

Track pixel, point and grid updates

When snap is on, your anchor point will snap to the pixel, grid, or point of your choice. But your anchor holder shouldn’t do that. They are now separated from friction, so you can maintain curve accuracy and get precise control while machining.

Close the road with better control

Close your path with precision and prediction. When you complete the drawing, you now have more control to connect the end point and the start point. Move your coverage point or choose to break the direction line to adjust the closing curve exactly how you want.

Windows GPU acceleration

New GPU acceleration for Windows allows you to run faster on computers running Windows 7 or 8. This functionality requires an Adobe-certified NVIDIA video card with at least 1 GB of VRAM.

Typekit workflow for missing fonts

When you open a document, the missing font is now automatically replaced. Illustrator CC searches the Typekit desktop font library, and if the missing font is available, it syncs with one click through Creative Cloud.

And much more

Also included: Improvements to the Missing Fonts dialog and improvements to text-related layouts and typing features

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