5 Beaches In Mangalore that you must explore

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5 Beaches In Mangalore that you must explore

The city of Mangalore is a coastal gem of Southern India. The Arabian Sea lines its west, the Western Ghats guards the east, the river Gurupura caresses its head, and the river Netravati washes its feet. Having won the natural lottery, Mangalore also manages to be a thriving port town and commercial hub.  According to folklore, this coastal strip of Karnataka was crafted by Sage Parashurama himself. Modern-day Mangalore beckons visitors with the charm of its majestic temples, pristine beaches, and of course, the beloved Udupi cuisine.

Hotel Sai Palace – Udipi Cafe Veg, at Hampankatta, is the best place in the city that serves delicious food from the lip-smacking Mangalorean cuisine. While you’ve got your food covered, choosing from the many beaches for a visit can be a challenging task. But worry not, here’s a curated list of beaches that you must visit during your visit to this seashore city.

Murudeshwar Beach

Sand and sea, a gentle view of the hills, and a massive statue of lord Shiva overseeing this landscape- this is how one could describe the magnificent Murudeshwar Beach. Named after the iconic Murudeshwar Temple it surrounds, this beach is the crowning glory of Mangalore. The Murudeshwar temple is known to be existing from the Ramayana age. It was home to the Atma-Linga, where Ravana was given the boon of immortality. What could be better than a beach experience, which is also a deeply spiritual one?

Panambur Beach

Located to the south of Mangalore port, Panambur is known as one of the cleanest and most well-maintained beaches in the country. That’s not all, it is also considered to be the safest beach in India, deploying the most number of lifeguards at every corner of the beach. This could be credited to the fact that it is a privately owned beach. Numerous merriment activities and water sports take place here. Panambur is also the venue of the International kite festival which is celebrated once every two years. Tourists from all over the world flock here just to experience these colorful and vibrant festivities.

Someshwar Beach

Named after Lord Someshwar, whose ancient temple stands tall on the chest of the sea. Built by the Chola dynasty, this temple showcases some of the most astounding architectural elements. What adds to the uniqueness of this beach is the massive body of ancient rocks sprawling across the beach. They are called “The Rudra Shila”, which translates to “The Rock of Great Lord Shiva”. History, faith, and beauty; the Someshwar beach checks all the boxes, making it a must-visit!

Ullal Beach

Providing a peaceful break from bustling city life is Ullal Beach. The most beautiful sunsets and sunrises of Mangalore can be witnessed from this balmy beach. The beach is also laced with fort ruins and 16th-century temples. The pristine blue waters of the Arabian Sea, lined by the silhouette of swaying palm trees, offer unmatched tranquility to anyone who visits. So if you’re seeking some quiet and calming moments, Ullal Beach is your place to be.

Malpe Beach

A serene waterfront, Malpe Beach is another jewel in Mangalore’s coastal crown. With its golden sands kissed by clear waters, it’s a place perfect for restless minds. This beach is not just known for its beauty, but also for its bustling fishing harbour. Visitors can not only unwind and relax but also get a glimpse of the local life of the town. A favorite of tourists and locals alike, Malpe Beach is the quintessential representation of Mangalore’s vibrant coastal culture.

Each of these picturesque beaches offers a lovely experience. While exploring these stretches of sand and sea, enjoy a delightful and comfortable stay at Sai Palace Hotel, Mangalore. It serves as a perfect base, providing easy access to all of Mangalore’s coastal wonders. So, don’t just read about its beauty, come and witness it for yourself!

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